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Thankyou for taking the time to visit me. The aim of my blog is to share experiences and practical advice of being a twin mommy, as well as talking about being an older mom, having premature babies and my IVF journey abroad.

“The minute the call came in to say that my HCG levels confirmed that I was pregnant, my world changed for ever. I just sobbed with joy, so much so, my partner thought we’d got another negative result!”

“At the six week scan we saw two healthy sacks, everything we had been through was suddenly a distant memory. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we’d be blessed with twins. Everything was just perfect!”

Work was a huge part of my life, for many years my career had been my everything and I had achieved a lot. I told my boss I’d go back after 4 months to do board meetings, 19 months on, I haven’t done any meetings. Being a mommy to twins  is amazing and is so far, very fulfilling.

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