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The aim of my blog is to share daily experiences and practical advice of being a twin mommy, covering my babies being premature, as well as talking about being an older mom and my IVF journey abroad. I aim to carry out reviews in various areas, talk about the reality of daily life, both the ups and the down. I will also cover what I really couldn’t have done without and what was a complete waste of money.

After 5 IVF attempts, we struck gold, we got pregnant with twins, a boy & a girl, to be precise. I was 47 when I had them and can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Hard work for sure, there are times of despair but it’s incredible and such an amazing gift, I am truly blessed!

Of course, being older presents its challenges, medicine writes you off, people can be critical and of course there is the natural fear that you will be too old to keep up with the children. Worst still is the fear that you won’t be able to give them the life that they deserve. I haven’t been asked if they are my grandchildren yet, but that will come 😊. It’s my personal view but I believe that I am wiser, have far more patience, am far more equipped to deal with twins and financially far more stable as a result of age. I’m also established in my career, so that when I want to go back I can. I’m as fit as my younger mommy friends and have equal, if not far more energy.

.The IVF journey, again very tough and oh so lonely, wow! Of course, you are surrounded by people that care and want to help, but for me, not only did very few of them understand the journey . Also, the more people that I told, the more times I had to explain it had failed again, reliving the disappointment and pain over and over. In the end four people new that we were trying again and they all knew not to ask questions. Socially you become adrift and over a period of time you cut yourself off from people, living in your own consumed world, with most of that world revolving around IVF and having a baby. Having our treatment abroad was the only option for us, given my age. Amazingly, they actually don’t write you off when you hit 40 in other countries!! We went to Spain and actually, even taking into account the flights and hotels, it was a lot more cost effective and allowed us to carry on trying repeated times.

The world of twins is incredible and certainly makes me use my brain a lot, I find myself creating strategies to cope with the various situations that crop up. As they get older, I seem to need to adopt this more and more, keeping my cool wherever possible, but I am human and sometimes the best laid plans go pear-shaped, I’ll share this with you as and when.

I truly hope my blog gives you a giggle, helps and offers support if you need it. Being a twin mommy is amazing, the journey I went on to get them has probably equipped me well for the tough times and being older just means that I’m confident in who I am and what I’m doing.

If there are specific areas that you would like me to cover, please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy xx

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